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Bethnal Green-based BOXCAR was established in 2017, but their hoppy, hazy & juicy beers have been a while in the making.

Founded in 2017, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Bethnal Green-based BOXCAR is relatively new on the craft beer scene. However, co-founders Sam Dickinson and Stephen Finch have spent the best part of a decade honing their skills in brewing and beyond. Founder of London-based wine bar, Vagabond, Finch is no stranger to the diversity in taste and flavour that can be brought about in the glass.Terroir, selective use of ingredients, processing and vinification itself all have the ability to impart their fingerprints on the drinker’s experience, and the similarities with beer are stark.

Meanwhile, having developed a love for beer as a home brewer, Dickinson cut his teeth at some of North London’s best-known breweries. This included stints as Head Brewer of both Hammerton and Moncado before setting up Boxcar. 

Favouring a style that’s hoppy, hazy and juicy, Boxcar don’t claim that what they’re doing is unique – indeed, it’s a style that many beer lovers will have become increasingly familiar with over the years. What sets them apart is their continuous ability to execute with this style, delivering consistently delicious beers that are, in their own words, “fresh, seasonal and experimental” and made “for the modern world”.

And, as Co-founder and Head Brewer Sam points out, it's this ethos that inspired their name.

"It's inspired by the hobo culture of the US – riding the railways in empty boxcars, never staying put and always being out there seeing new things. That's how we see ourselves, and we're continually pushing for better quality with ever-changing flavours and experiences and constantly evolving our recipes".

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