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It takes a village, or in this case two Villages, to create the beers that came together to create batch no. 004. 

For two people looking to start a brewery, brothers Archie and Louis Village have a rather fortuitous surname, especially given their passion for building and fostering community. It played a considerable part in their decision to set-up their brewery in Deptford back in 2016 and remains a reason that they stick around. 

“We’ve pretty much been living in south London since we left home, so we only ever considered laying down roots here. Deptford’s a really close knit place, and we feel very lucky to be here and contributing to the fabric of the place”.

Many of these local businesses congregate in their brewery and taproom each week, which is where Archie and Louis brew all of their beers, which can be broadly split into two categories: their core range and their seasonal offering. 

“We enjoy drinking beers that are balanced, delicious and sessionable”, says Louis, "but our core range – beers like Big Salad – gives us the space to refine and dial in the beers that keep people coming back”. 

The focus on creating something that can be drunk over the course of an evening is also why these beers are canned in a 330ml format. Their seasonal beers, however, come in 440ml cans, which will more familiar to craft beer drinkers and the batch community. 

This continually changing array of beers join and leave Villages' range throughout the year as well. “We really enjoy experimenting with the beers that come out of the brewery and our single batch options allow us to push things in different directions”. The end results are partially influenced by the time of the year: 

“We tend to brew beers that we want to be drinking in a particular season – darker, richer ones coming into Autumn and lighter zestier options as we move into the Spring and Summer”.

This is the first time that the brothers have shipped their beers outside of the UK and we're delighted to introduce you to them. Have spent many evenings enjoying Villages' beers in their taproom over the years, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

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