no. 015 | Pressure Drop

For batch no. 015, we return to London. Pressure Drop were part of the capital’s brewing renaissance in the early 2010s & have gone from a garden shed to serious commercial premises in their 10 years.

Focusing on showcasing the UK’s best breweries means that it’s somewhat inevitable we’ll return to London frequently, and November’s feature brewery were part of the city’s early brewing renaissance at the beginning of the 2010s. Pressure Drop was founded in a garden shed in 2012 by Ben Freeman, who soon met Graham O’Brien and Sam Smith, and graduated to a railway arch in Hackney. Today, the 7 person team can be found brewing in Tottenham Hale – just over a mile away from batch no. 013’s Exale, as it happens. 

Whilst on paper the team is small, the number belies the scale of their brewing set-up on Mill Mead Road. Their 6 32 hectoliter brewing tanks are capable of brewing up to 20 barrels of beer at one time, and this is then packaged on-site. 

“We believe we should be responsible for every stage of the process”, says Freeman. “It allows us to stay on top of quality control, and packaging is such an important part of making sure beer tastes great on opening”.

Another extra step the Pressure Drop team take in making sure every one of their beers tastes great is cold storage. All of their finished beer is moved straight into their dedicated cold room at the brewery. Keeping the beer at a stable temperature helps maintain and prolong freshness.

Perhaps best known for their hazy IPAs and Pale Ales, we’ve aimed to bring together the beers from Pressure Drop that tend to get people so excited. However, we also know that the team particularly love to produce crisp lagers, and so have been sure to add one to the mix for your drinking pleasure. 

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