no. 016 | Lost & Grounded

Bristol-based Lost & Grounded were established in 2016. Fascinated by the precision of German brewing & idiosyncratic nature of Belgian beers, they offer a unique take on craft beer.

The journey into beer for Alejandro (Alex) Tronosco and Annie Clements, founders of Lost & Grounded, began in Australia almost 30 years ago. For those playing batch bingo at home, it started in an all too familiar place: with home brewing. Graduating university with a chemical engineering degree, Alex worked several jobs he didn’t like.

Eventually he took the plunge and enrolled himself in the Graduate Certificate of Brewing, joined the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, and completed his Diploma in Brewing. In short, he jumped headlong into the industry he loved and didn’t look back.

Alex and Annie moved to London, where they did a short stint at the well known, and now AB InBev-owned, Camden Town Brewery. It was whilst working here that the idea of setting up themselves crystallised and they moved to Bristol to set-up shop.

A quick glance at our beer selections will tell you that Lost & Grounded’s beers are heavily influenced by more traditional styles originating from Germany and Belgium. However, the couple and their team aren’t interested in repeating history. Instead, they focus on standing on the shoulders of giants, taking old-school methods and styles to create brews that are exciting, modern and — in some cases — new. It’s this innovative approach that’s no doubt led to their being shortlisted for three Brew Journal Brewer’s Choice Awards in 2022.

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